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CL001-350 - 19x14mm Coiled Wire Eye - 10K Gold Antique Plated (15 pcs)

Product Description:
Metal type: Plated

Each artisan element is created with hand crafted detail and cast from solid pewter. These exquisite castings show each stroke of the hammer that was used to design them. To ensure longevity in your designs, each finding is plated using 3-5 mils of precious metal (HEAVY plating) with a flexible finish. Designed to be manipulated, each product can be stamped, hammered, hole punched and bent. This item is a decorative drop pendant. Use as a focal piece, or creative accent in your jewelry. This item is also great for embellishing all types of scrap booking and craft projects.

Incorporate this into a project! Not only are these wonderful beading jewelry components, but they're perfect for embellishing other projects too! See our most recent projects designed using this product by clicking on one of the Project Ideas and Techniques featured on this page. Or visit the Idea Gallery to discover more great ideas, tips, techniques and inspiration for using this item!

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